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Best Back Pain Doctor in Jaipur - An Outstanding Consultation To Overcome From Pain

The AQ Health Care is a super multispecialty clinic where you can consult with the best back pain doctor in Jaipur for the treatment.  

Back pain is considered the most common problem that can occur in eight out of ten people generally. It can also be said that a significant portion of the population suffers from it at least once in a life. In most cases, it goes over time, but in some cases, it remains long and severs, then there is a need to consult with the best back pain doctor in Jaipur.

What is Back Pain?

When any person feels sharpness, stiff back muscles, and feels difficulty in the upper or lower back while moving, sitting, sleeping, and walking, it is called back pain. It is such a painful condition because people can’t do anything even they can’t do rest appropriately once it happens. It can occur due to any injury, incorrect body posture while working, sitting, standing, or maybe due to any disease. Although it can happen in any age group person, most of the time, it is diagnosed in elders.

It is related to the lumbar spine bone, vertebrae discs, ligaments around the spine and discs, spinal cord, nerves, lower back muscles.

What Are The Causes Of Back Pain?

Several reasons can cause back pain. The specific reason can find out by the best back pain doctor in Jaipur. The conditions related to it includes –

Muscle or Ligament Strain

Heavy lifting or a sudden movement can cause back pain immediately, and if the person does not care, it can worsen. These activities can strain the back muscles and ligaments.

Ruptured Discs

The discs are like cushions in the vertebrae, so if they rupture, it can cause severe pain even if a person can’t move an inch.


Osteoarthritis affects the lower back and narrows the space around the spinal cord. In medical terms, this condition is called Spinal Stenosis.


If bones become porous, it can lead to severe injury, especially in any part with bones such as the back, legs, hands, etc.

Lack of Physical Activities

The best back pain doctor says that if people remain lazy and do not involve themselves in physical activities, then there are high chances of back pain due to the stiffness in the body.

Excess weight can also cause back pain.

Psychological Conditions it has been observed that psychological conditions can also lead to back pain.

When To Consult With Best Back Pain Doctor In Jaipur?

The point is that back pain can be gone with home treatment and rest, but you should be careful about it. Instead of taking random medicine, you should consult with the back pain doctor. You can consult with the doctor in the following conditions-

  • Feeling constant pain
  • Feeling frequent pain
  • Pain does not get less after the rest and home remedies
  • Spreads down from the spine to the lower body, such as legs, thighs, or knees.
  • Feeling weakness with pain
  • Numbness in the range, lower back or shoulders.

The best back pain doctor in Jaipur not only diagnoses the exact reason also guides you to avoid it in the future by suggesting remedies and exercises. If you want to consult for back pain therapy, you can book an online or offline appointment. 

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