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Our Home Physiotherapy services are committed to provide comprehensive safe physiotherapy assessment and treatment in the comfort of your home. Our team of qualified and experienced physiotherapist provide best clinical and rehabilitative care at your home.

Our physiotherapist is experienced in Geriatric Care, Musculoskeletal Injuries, Neurological Rehabilitation, Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Pediatric Rehabilitation services. We coordinate closely with all the members of the multidisciplinary team including your primary physician/ Surgeon to provide comprehensive care for your patient.

Who Needs Physiotherapy at Home:

  • Orthopedic and Sports Injury Surgeries: Patients after Orthopedics and Sports Injury Surgeries like Total Hip Replacement (THR), Total Knee Replacement (TKR), Post Fracture Surgeries, Ligament or Meniscus Injury Surgeries etc.
  • Neurological Conditions: Patients with Neurological Conditions like Stroke (CVA), Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injuries and Traumatic Brain Injuries can avail the physiotherapy services at their home settings to promote in home independence.
  • Geriatric Care: Elderly with mobility restrictions may benefit from these services. The home can be assessed for hazards to prevent falls and decrease the risk of falls.
  • Extended Hospital Stay: Patients after prolonged hospital stay go through severe deconditioning and may not be able to regain their previous independence. In such cases, Home physiotherapy intervention promote faster recovery.
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We are India’s super specialty spine clinic, working with advanced technologies, multidisciplinary team comprising of Spine Surgeon, Interventional Pain Specialist, Physiotherapist and Chiropractors.

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