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Poor corporate/workplace posture is a major cause of back pain, corporate/workplace stress and can lead to repetitive strain injuries. This can result in poor employee health and low morale which will ultimately lead onto reduced productivity, lost time and higher business costs.

What Is Posture?

Posture is the position in which you hold your body upright against the forces of gravity while standing or sitting. The key to good posture is training your body to sit, stand and walk in positions where the least strain is placed on supporting muscles and ligaments during weight-bearing activities.

Effects Of Poor Posture?

  • Poor joint alignment
  • General muscle/head aches
  • Increased shear forces within the spine effecting disc integrity
  • Compression of disc and joint structures
  • Compression/reduced space for nerves to course through the body
  • Reduced blood flow to muscles resulting in increased fatigue
  • Overuse injuries

Why Ergonomics in the Workplace Can Improve Employee Health

Ergonomics is all about designing workplaces based on the limitations and physical abilities of workers. It also helps improve the efficiency of one’s work environment.

Ultimately, adjusting office ergonomics is a way to keep your employees safe. If your workers don’t have safe, effective equipment to work with — like a comfortable chair or a back brace — it can lead to a hurting, less productive employee.

Poor posture, in particular, can cause a multitude of health issues as it puts extra stress on joints and muscles. This leads to overwork and fatigue, which can cause chronic pain. As a result, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) may pop up — like tendonitis or carpal tunnel. These disorders can impact muscles, blood vessels, nerves, ligaments, and tendons.

Luckily, these issues can be prevented with some adjustments to ergonomics in the workplace.

Ergonomic Workshop:

This session mainly focuses on common problems which is being faced due to sedentary lifestyle like Neck Pain, Back Pain, Knee Pain, and other Musculoskeletal Aches.

  • Posture Problems – What is the right posture and bad posture habits
  • Frequent Micro Injuries and Strains
  • Smartphone and it’s burden on day to day routine
  • Desktop and Laptop uses tips
  • Vicious cycle of Pain and Stiffness and how we help in
  • Practical Session on basic stretching exercises and how to increase productivity on workplace
  • One to One Consultation for employees if needed
  • Diet and Nutrition Session: The session aims to impart knowledge and nutritive values amongst the employees.

Wellness Cinic

Physical and Mental Wellness is most important aspect now a days for improving the overall health of the individuals. As most of the time spent by an individual is at work, the person hardly gets the time to work out or exercise. Moreover, working continuously for long hours on laptops, desktops, mobile in office environment makes one pro to ailments like Neck Pain, Back Pain, Cervical Spondylitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Overweight and many more.

We aim to provide wellness to the corporate employees and students at their company premises and at their own workstations. We have multidisciplinary team which includes Physician, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Sports Medicine Specialist, Super Specialist on Call, Nursing and Paramedics, Dietician and Psychologist.

We also conduct workshops which is mainly covers to parts that is Ergonomics, Diet and Nutrition.

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