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How is stroke or paralysis treated with physiotherapy?

Stroke is caused by a blood clot or rupture of a vein in the brain. In this, the part of the brain whose activities get affected, causes weakness in the opposite part of the body. After initial medical management, the first 30 days are very important in terms of rehabilitation, in which most of the recovery of the patient comes. In this, the patient is given various types of machines and manual exercises. The patient is also trained to remove stiffness in the muscles along with exercises like sitting, standing, walking, giving weight to the affected part, etc.

Which diseases can be treated with neuro rehab?

Stroke/paralysis, half-body paralysis (hemi plegia), Parkinson’s disease, neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, loss of function of both arms or legs (quadri/paraplegia), brain injury or postoperative body function Failure to do, cerebral palsy in children, delay in development of children etc.

New neuron development with T.D.C.S. (brain stimulation)

This is a completely new technology, a lot of research has been done on it and positive results have been seen, more research is going on, in this, the same part of the patient is stimulated which has been damaged due to stroke or injury or which The functioning of the part is affected, in which transcranial stimulation is done, which leads to the formation of new brain cells, which helps in recovery.

Gamified Physiotherapy from Augmented Reality

Augmented reality technology by computer is a modern method in which patients exercise while playing games on the computer screen. starts coming. In this, specific types of exercises are done to remove the stiffness in the hands and feet, to re-educate the brain through neuro developmental exercises.

Robotic Hand Gloves

The recovery of the patient’s hand after paralysis takes a lot of time because there are many types of movements in the hand in which the brain is used more. In this, many types of exercises are done with the computer by wearing the robotic hand in the affected hand, so that the muscles of that hand work as well as stimulation of the patient’s brain. Good and quick results have been seen in many of its patients.

Some special things to keep in mind at home for paralysis patient

The arrangement of the paralyzed patient’s room should be in such a way that the television, the entrance of the room, the arrangement of the family members to sit or talk should be on the paralyzed part of the patient so that the patient sees his affected part again and again, due to which the brain will forget this part. No and the visual feedback will keep going to the brain.Along with this, take special care of making the patient sit with both hands back as much as possible, exercising at least thrice a day, turning every two hours, etc.

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