Physiotherapy for Paralysis Treatment

Paralysis Treatment in Jaipur by the Best Physiotherapists

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What is Paralysis?

The medical condition of paralysis is frequently brought on by damage to the neurological system, particularly the spinal cord. A paralysed person has sensory loss as well as motor loss (loss of muscle function) (loss of sensations in the affected part). However, one can regain and maintain their body’s natural strength through physiotherapy.


The patient’s signs and symptoms are used to make the diagnosis of paralysis. A doctor’s consultation, a thorough physical examination of the affected area(s), and imaging tests of the head and face are all required. The doctor may suggest that the patient undergo examinations like a CT or MRI to determine the precise amount or degree of paralysis.

Physiotherapy for paralysis

Although this can be challenging to deal with, the sole option for restoring movement and sensation to the paralysed limbs is physiotherapy. With physiotherapy for paralysis, a person can frequently regain most of their mobility, if not all of it.

At AQ Health Care we provide robotic Neurorehabilitation, a scientific innovation, helping our patients on their way to recovery and a better quality of life. AQ Health Care is the only Physiotherapy Center in the Jaipur to have the latest technology and equipment in robotic neurorehabilitation.

Robotics Neuro Rehab Benefits

  • ideal for maintaining and enhancing range of motion
  • Prevention of adhesions and contractures
  • Reduce swelling and pain
  • strengthen joint metabolism
  • Encourage psychological healing
  • encourages movement—never coerces it.
  • Encouragement for the sufferer through gaming.

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